What started as a hobby to keep my own bikes rolling…


…has turned into a more than just a small business. Like everyone else, there was a growing collection of parts gathering in my garage as I would upgrade my bikes or buy new bikes. Some days I would look at that pile and think, “I’ll use that someday.” Other days I would look at certain pieces and think, “I can sell that and buy something else.”

So I went on the internet. I scoured the forums and auction sites trying to determine how much can I get for my “junk”. As expected, there was alot of parts that carried way less value than I had paid originally. And then there were surprises - pieces that were more appealing to others…and I came away with a bit more money to spend.

I became more efficient at the whole process. My pictures looked better and my descriptions became more accurate and informative. I learned the in’s and out’s of all the major online payment programs. I became an expert at packaging and building safe, sturdy boxes. I figured out who to ship with depending on size, time and care. And if I had to meet someone in person, I became confident in the safe way to conduct business.

I also began to realize the most effective ways to get the most money for my parts. While selling an entire bike is the easiest way, I found there was money left on the table - I was not getting the most money possible. By disassembling my bikes and selling the individual parts, I could expand my audience. For example, there are more people looking for an 11-speed rear derailleur than there are looking for a 60cm gravel bike with an Ultegra groupset.

There was a bit more labor involved but I was selling parts quicker AND making more money, typically 20-40% more. This went on for more than a few years as my wife and I upgraded or bought new bikes. Our garage opened up much more space - space we began to fill with more bikes!

Then I mentioned the idea to a friend one day. He was looking to sell off some of his collection in order to fund a new bike purchase. He was not in an immediate hurry so after dropping off three bikes and two crates of parts, I set about my tried-and-true process.

Ultimately, I sent him a PayPal payment for over $1400.

Don’t get me wrong - he had originally invested much more than that. I didn’t perform a miracle but I did get him as much as the market was willing to pay. I did my homework before we ever listed the first piece - I knew what people were willing to pay and I got him that much or more.

Since then I have sold off collections for a variety of riders. This is not a process for someone looking for instant satisfaction. I can and will buy some bikes directly from you but only after you see the breakdown of WHY my offer is what it is. In other words, you will get more money if you have some patience with my process.

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