• 20-40% more profit than if you sell the bike complete

  • 20-50% more profit than if you accept the Bicycle Blue Book estimated value

  • Clear out other items as well, such as:

    • shoes

    • lights

    • helmets

    • spare components

    • tools

    • all items are subject to approval (for safety and/or quality)

  • For the parts no one is interested in, we will make you an offer after interest has slowed to a stop. These are usually taken to the regional swap meets…or donated.


  • We handle everything

    • disassembly

    • cleaning

    • photographs

    • listings on various forums & auction sites

    • packaging

    • insured shipping

    • insurance claims

    • payment collection

  • We answer all the technical questions - measurements, details, photographs.

  • We meet with local customers, even the ones that may just want to “see” the parts.

  • If your free time is worth more than $20 per hour to you, this is a great benefit. Our average fee for a complete bike is around $250. By the time we send you the last payment, at least 12 hours have been invested.



  • We charge 20% of the selling price - a fair charge considering we do not charge for packaging materials or labor.


  • You will likely not see the first payment for 4 weeks.

    • It takes about 3-7 days to prepare the inventory for public offering.

    • The most interesting parts sell within the first week. The rest, usually within the next 2 weeks as we offer lower pricing.

    • We allow our buyers at least two weeks to legitimately ask for a refund.