We inspect cockpit components VERY closely and given the nature of the less expensive pricing, we only keep it if it meets a higher standard.


We look over handlebars very closely. We measure each one to be as precise as possible. We take multiple pictures so that you can see what you are getting. We twist and tug to make sure they are strong. With carbon fiber, we inspect them EVEN closer for cracks, scratches and the all-too-often bumps from overtightening.

We do, however, try to keep the cost down. We buy the perfect-sized boxes in bulk. The only thing we intentionally neglect is cleanliness. Handlebars do not sell for alot of money so investing alot of time removing glue, polishing and shining them would drive the cost up.


Stems are like handlebars. We still measure each one, measuring the length and (as closely as possible) the angle. We provide the mounting point measurements as well. We take lots of pictures, too.


Much like handlebars, alot of your control depends upon the seatpost. We measure each one, determining length and setback. We clean the clamps and make sure all the components are in place. We look closely at the material, checking for cracks, deep scratches and signs of overtightening.


Saddles are funny - we can measure everything for you - length, width, etc. We can take plenty of pictures to show you what great condition it is in. We can NOT however determine for you how “used” it is. Most saddles sell for less than $20 unless they are new or just barely used.

Clipless Pedals

One of the three contact points on your bike, we check every pedal that comes in for:

  • bearing quality - if they grind just a little, we throw them out.

  • spring quality - if the spring is weak (even by hand), it’s worn out…and they go in the trash.

  • contact surface quality - this will determine about how a pedal feels. If they are well-worn, we make a note of it.

  • appearance - pedals are going to take some abuse. They will most always have marks, scrapes and scratches. We make notes of all these.

With Flat Pedals, it is much the same. We check the bearings, check the cages for cracks….but that’s about it.


We throw em’ out. New ones are cheap. Just spend the money.