This is the contract we present every customer upon delivery of their bike into our hands.

The Process is a bit more easily explained HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

AZ Bike Garage Concierge Bike Sale Agreement

This document is to clarify the details of the process of selling your bicycle and bicycle parts.  By signing below, you are verifying that you understand the process, the potential consequences and results, and the details of the sale.

  1. You (henceforth known as “customer”) have been provided an estimate of what your bicycle and/or bicycle parts will sell for.  These figures have been determined by researching the current values of each potential item on various online forums, auction sites and markets.

    1. If the customer would like to make adjustments to any of the values, please let us know prior to listing (which will be within 7-10 days of receiving the bicycle and/or bicycle parts).  Once listed, raising the price is not possible without losing the faith of our clientele. In the event that the customer no longer wants to sell the part, we will remove the listing and return the part to the customer.

  2. Upon receiving the bicycle and/or bicycle parts, everything will be cleaned, photographed and catalogued in a spreadsheet.  Details will be noted such as condition, specific features, brand and model, etc. An updated spreadsheet of the Pricing & Profit Estimate will be provided if applicable.  

    1. Complete bicycles will be disassembled to remove the possibility of being liable for unseen flaws.   If for some reason, the customer wants to cancel the sale and reassemble the bike, the process of reassembly is the responsibility of the customer.  No compensation or reimbursement for any costs associated with reassembly will be expected of AZ Bike Garage.

      1. After disassembly is complete, some items will be returned to the customer or discarded such as:

        1. Consumable items (bar tape, cables, housings, tubes)

        2. Personal items (saddle bags, bells, etc.)

  3. In the event of a catastrophe (theft, fire, etc.) that renders the bicycle parts unsellable or missing, AZ Bike Garage is responsible for providing the customer with the Profit @ Low figure for the parts that were destroyed.

  4. The prices provided in the attached Pricing & Profit estimate have been determined through our research with various online forums.  The Suggest Start prices have been determined as the best starting point once the parts are listed. The Suggested Low prices have been determined as the minimally accepted price.  (If any of these prices are unacceptable, the customer is welcome to make adjustments now. Please make any further adjustments final within seven days of signing, otherwise we will be obligated to remove the part from the sale and return that part to the customer.)  

  5. All the items will be listed in various online forums such as:

    1. Facebook Marketplace and other interest-specific forums on Facebook

    2. Craigslist (primarily the East Valley of Phoenix)

    3. Other specific forums depending on the item.  

    4. eBay

  6. Shipping costs are included in these Suggested prices.  If the sale is made locally and the item is picked up, shipping costs may be subtracted to help with price negotiation.  All packaging and handling costs (including insurance) are the responsibility of AZ Bike Garage.

    1. In the event of damage or other losses during shipping, AZ Bike Garage assumes full responsibility.  In the event that an item is destroyed or damaged and compensation is provided by insurance, the customer will be provided at least the Profit @ Low value plus any additional compensation provided by the insurance company.

  7. AZ Bike Garage charges a twenty percent fee (20%) on the final sale price to the buyer.  This fee covers all expenses associated with the sale such as:

    1. Cleaning & disassembly of bicycles, parts & other items

    2. Photographing all items professionally

    3. Cataloguing all items in detail

    4. Listing all items on various online forums

    5. Communications with buyers including providing specific details, measurements and other pertinent data

    6. Collection of and managing payments and funds

    7. Packaging and handling before shipping any items, including insurance.

  1. In the event a buyer disputes the sale through the online forum or payment company, AZ Bike Garage assumes responsibility for the transaction.  In the event that the online forum or payment company sides with the buyer and all funds are returned to the buyer, the customer agrees a payment of Profit @ Low is satisfactory.

    1. This circumstance rarely happens unless the buyer is extremely dishonest.  AZ Bike Garage takes measures to prevent this from happening (insurance, tracking information, etc.) but this is not always fool-proof.  

  2. The customer understands this is the potential timeline for the sale:

    1. Cleaning and Disassembly will occur within 7 days of AZ Bike Garage taking the bicycle and/or bicycle parts into possession.

    2. Cataloguing and Listing of all items will occur with 10 days of taking possession.

    3. Most items sell within two weeks after listing depending the buying market.  AZ Bike Garage will communicate with the customer at least once a week with a quick report of how the sale is progressing.

    4. Once a sale is made, AZ Bike Garage provides at least a two-week return period for the buyer.  Once that period has passed, profit from the sale will be allocated to a fund to be paid to the customer.  This figure will be provided in the weekly report.

    5. Typically after three weeks, funds will have accumulated.  A payment will be made to the customer via PayPal. If the customer would like another form of payment (cash, check, etc.), arrangements can be made but a delay in payment may occur.

    6. Any remaining items after 15-20 days of being listed, AZ Bike Garage will communicate with the customer to discuss how to proceed.  We will have some options:

      1. Lower the price.  AZ Bike Garage can make suggestions but ultimately it is the customer’s decision as to how much they are willing to sacrifice.

      2. AZ Bike Garage can purchase the remaining parts.  This is an option only when the market is NOT responding with any interest.  Depending on the customer’s need for compensation, we suggest this as a last resort.  Our offer price will likely be less than Profit @ Low.

      3. Return the parts to the customer.  If the item has not sold in an allowable amount of time, there is no charge from AZ Bike Garage.  

  3. Once all the parts are sold, we will provide a final statement of our transactions.  We will provide information for:

    1. Listed Price

    2. Final Sale Price

    3. Shipping Costs

    4. AZ Bike Garage’s Fee

    5. Customer’s Final Profit

    6. Any details of the sale that are important.