1. This all starts with an e-mail. Send as many pictures as you can. The more there is to see, the more comprehensive the evaluation becomes. Include as much information as you can:

    • year, make and model of the bike

    • groupsets - brand, age, any defects

    • upgrades

  2. Do not worry about providing figures of how much you paid - honestly, it will not matter.

  3. Within a day or two, I will reply with a spreadsheet breaking down each component’s perceived value. Also included will be the approximate shipping costs, our fees and your potential profit.


I usually request customers deliver their bike to my home. I want you to have confidence that you are leaving your valuable bike in trustworthy hands. We can discuss any questions you may have at that time.

The exception is when it makes more sense for me to come to you. Maybe you have more bikes than your car will hold. Maybe you’re unsure of what all to bring. I am happy to work with you to make the process smooth.


  1. Within the next day or so, I will perform another evaluation with more detail and more research. This is when I scour the internet for potential demand & prices.

  2. Before I begin disassembly, I send one more spreadsheet - this one will include:

    • details - maybe more than you knew about your bike before…

    • researched price - this is the amount I see the part selling for…

    • suggested high - this is the opening price, the most I see being able to get. This is not an unrealistic, “shoot for the moon” number - this is what the top of the market is paying.

    • suggested low - this is the suggested “bottom dollar”. Potential buyers will make offers and this is the minimum I would suggest accepting within the first two weeks. This is evaluated almost daily once the listings are up.

    • approximate shipping charges

    • average fee to be expected (suggested high plus suggested low divided by 2, multiplied by 20%)

    • potential profit at high & low

  3. Once you have replied with your approval of the pricing, I begin disassembly of your bike. Each part is removed, inspected, cleaned thoroughly and re-inspected. I make notes about the details - part numbers, condition and other important features.

  4. Your approval of the pricing also signifies that you know your bike is now in pieces. All the consumable items (chain, cassette, cables & housings, bar tape, grips, etc.) will be discarded. If there is anything you want to keep, please let me know beforehand.


  1. For the next few days I will spend significant time behind the computer screen. Your parts are individually listed on sites such as:

    • eBay

    • FaceBook Marketplace….and any groups with related interests

    • Craigslist

    • …other item-specific sites (vintage, gravel, downhill, etc.)

  2. Each part is detailed thoroughly with pictures & detailed text. We also include shipping info (if not included in the price.)

  3. Once listed, I answer any questions that potential buyers may have. With the parts in my possession, I can make any measurements necessary or look any details.


I take full responsibility for accepting (or declining) offers. The majority of the offers come in within the first few days. Some are reasonable while others are ridiculously low. As the frequency of the offers diminish, the price is re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.


  1. Once an offer is accepted, buyers can pay by:

    • PayPal

    • VenMo

    • Cash & In-Person

  2. Within a day, the purchased part is cleaned again, securely packaged and shipped to the buyer. Frames & Wheels are usually shipped through BikeFlights with insurance, tracking & signature requirement. Smaller parts are shipped through US Postal Priority Mail with appropriate insurance and tracking. The only exception to Priority Mail is usually handlebars - the size of the packaging bumps the shipping costs higher. I will use regular Ground with insurance and tracking.

  3. I watch the tracking info to make sure each piece arrives safely. Once the item is in their hands, I allow two weeks for the buyer to request any refunds or file any complaints.


Once that two week period has lapsed, the item is marked as sold on your Inventory & Sales Sheet. On the Monday of the second week, I will send you the first Inventory & Sales Sheet. It will list out which items are still in inventory and which items have sold. You can see:

  • the buyer’s first name and last initial

  • purchase location (eBay, C’list, etc.)

  • the purchase price

  • the shipping charges

  • my fees

  • whether the payment has been verified as complete

  • your profit.

At the bottom of the sheet will be your totals - total amount sold as of that date and total amount verified. Beside the verified amount will be a date that we will send you your first payment. Usually around the fourth week, we have accumulated a significant amount of funds. We can send your payment by PayPal or VenMo….OR I can mail you a check. For checks, we do ask for a two-week period of accumulation before sending.

On all subsequent Inventory and Sales Sheets, the payment amount and date will be listed as well as what you can expect soon.


Typically at the two month-mark, offers are infrequent and all that is left are the parts no one really wants. Most of the time, this usually includes:

  • handlebars

  • stems

  • saddles

  • outdated wheels

  • lights

  • pumps

  • shoes

This is when I usually make the “last ditch” offer. Twice a year I like to go to the GABA Swap Meet in Tucson. Everyone that comes to this event is looking for a deal….and this is our last chance. Rather than ask you to wait til the next swap meet, I make you an offer on your remaining parts.

You do not have to accept the offer. We can continue to list these parts online. You are welcome to pick them up. The only change is I will stop sending the Inventory and Sales Sheets.


In the event that the worst happens and your bike or any remaining unsold parts are stolen or destroyed, I do accept FULL responsibility for those parts. In the contract, you will acknowledge that you will be reimbursed the suggested low.

It is my goal to get you the MOST money I can. I have plenty of nice bikes so I do not need or want your parts for myself. The “fun” of this business is the research and the deal-making.