What's Selling....

…and what isn’t seem to be the two biggest questions around here. Having a whole gamut of pieces for sale on all the major (and some of the minor) forums for bicycle parts cracks open alot of boxes, allowing us to see what folks are paying good money for….and what they aren’t.


  • SRAM eTap is moving quicker everytime I see it. Not only are the parts really good but they’re compatible….more on that later.

  • Wheels…specifically cheap wheels under $200. New take-offs, regardless of how heavy, move in a hurry.

  • Odd frames. If it’s weird or unique, it seems there is SOMEONE there to buy it.

  • High-End Brand name parts. If it’s rare, one-off but recognizable in a certain sect of the sport, you can command a bit more money. Even Specialized (which so many folks bad-mouth online) is bought up quick when the price is just below retail.

  • Shimano 10-speed road parts, mostly Dura-Ace or Ultegra, are commanding HIGH prices. The rarer this stuff becomes in the new retail market, the better the value in the used market. In a world where the folks on the latest & greatest are contemplating a switch to 13 cogs, it’s great to see folks still in love with this older stuff.


  • Large frames. Anything XL or bigger, 60 cm or larger just doesn’t have the market that the smaller sizes do. Same goes for XS, 48 cm or less….there just aren’t as many short people.

  • Shimano Di2. Unlike eTap, some of the component years are not interchangeable…not as much as folks would like. Maybe the cables are too short. Maybe they want the battery in a different spot. There’s alot of work to insure proper fit. That being said, there aren’t many folks looking to get rid of what they have….if it still works.

  • Older components….unless it L’Eroica-worthy. If you’re in the market to build a 9-speed bike with early 2000'-ish components, now is the time!

  • Handlebars and stems never sell. Why? Handlebars do not sell because 1) the shipping cost is never less than $20 (in most cases) and 2) it’s a personal item. Stems DO sell…but rarely, unless it says Zipp. Then it’s gone within hours.

  • Tires never sell online until they’re priced to give away….even the nice, lightly used ones.

The CrossChunk...

…was one of the first gifts my wife (girlfriend at the time!) gave me for Christmas. It was early December and both of us were seriously considering racing ‘cross. I had put off buying another bike after I sold my Redline Conquest, a boat anchor of a bike more intended for commuting than racing. I would always say, “I’d rather go mountain biking!” when the truth was I didn’t have the extra dough for a complete bike. When Meghan dragged the box in the house, I knew what she’d done. Little did I know, she had convinced Mike B to gift me with the drivetrain from his Project One Madone! Within a week I had a race bike.

Since that time this bike has served duty as a commuter, gravel racer, road bike and mountain bike. The drivetrain has went from Campy 10 to Shimano 11 to singlespeed….and back and forth, to and fro many, many times. I’ve crashed it plenty….and yet it’s still straight.

But it wasn’t clean. The paint began bubbling up a few years back and I have bounced around ideas for years about painting it. The problem with painting (for me) is stripping off the old paint. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s I owned a small custom paint shop. My LEAST favorite task was sanding. My shoulders still ache when I think about it. Yet….I found myself stripping the CxChunk a couple of weeks back. I’m not sure how many hours I have in getting all the old black enamel off…

Photo Jun 05, 2 20 31 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 05, 2 20 50 PM.jpg

What’s next? Primer. More sanding….then likely more primer. I’m still undecided on a paint scheme but that will depend on what’s available too. Given I am confined to the front driveway in Arizona’s 100+ degree heat (and dust!), I’ll have to plan accordingly….so spray bombs? Likely.

The rest of the drivetrain? It’s going back singlespeed. The Ultegra drivetrain that has been on it for the last few months is going to another project. I’ll swap on the 44 tooth chainring-equipped crankset, space out an 18 tooth cog on the Don Young-built DT/Velocity wheels (….wheels I bought in 2010 when a friend of a friend was selling off a ton of randonneuring gear!) The brakes are the same linear pull TRP’s I used when ‘cross was coming in 2015. The rest is random misfit parts from other teardowns.

More later.