Need your money quicker than 4 weeks?

I am willing to buy your bike…and here’s how I will make you an offer:

  1. Evaluation - send as many pics and as much info as possible. Just as I would for a concierge client, I will break the bike down the bike’s components into a spreadsheet. The more detailed the shots are, the better I can assess what you have. The more I know, the better I can make the offer.

  2. Research - I will do my homework. I will look at what the frame, wheels and other components are selling for, low & high.

  3. Profit At Low - I will send you the same Evaluation Spreadsheet that I send all my concierge clients. There are Suggested High, Suggested Low, Profit @ High and Profit @ Low figures. The Profit @ Low - Total figure will be your offer.

This offer is only available to local customers. I will expect to pick up the bike in-person. Once the bike has been inspected, I will make the payment in CASH.