Our suspension components are inspected and tuned for quality and reliability. We begin the process with:


Each fork or shock is checked for any kind of damage such as:

  • broken tabs or dropouts

  • scratches on the stanchions

Any damage of that type will deem the component below our standards. If they look good, we start by disassembling the component to perform a simple service. For forks, we will:

  • remove and replace the lower leg seals, foam rings and oil

  • inspect the damper, springs and control knobs.

  • reassemble with new crush washers, tightened to proper torque.

For shocks, we will:

  • remove and replace the internal seals and oil

  • inspect and test the air chamber’s performance

  • reassemble and test the function of the shock.

Sometimes we do have to go deeper into the service procedure by servicing dampers, installing new bushings, etc. We do evaluate the cost of parts and labor versus market value before ordering any parts.