Our wheels are inspected and tuned for quality and reliability. Each wheel is inspected for:


The hubs are disassembled and inspected. We check all the bearings. If they do not feel as smooth as new, we replace them. The freehubs are cleaned & serviced.


The spokes are inspected for any damage - scrapes, twisting, looseness, etc. Any questionable spokes are replaced with new nipples (and washers if needed). The wheel is installed in the truing stand and the wheel is brought to within our standard of trueness (within .05”) laterally and radially. Spoke tension is measured and must be within 10% of the other spokes.


Each rim is inspected thoroughly for dents, scratches, dings or cracks. Any rim with cracks will be discarded. Dents & dings will be measured and if they fall outside our parameters for radial true, the wheel will not be sold. Scratches are inspected for depth. If the scratch is purely cosmetic, the damage is noted.

We do not provide rim tape as many buyers have their own preferences. We will however provide rim tape for additional cost.